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  • Welcome to Car Planet!

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    Car Planet - For the Next Generation of Clean!

  • All Purpose Cleaner

    Car Planet's All-Purpose Cleaner was designed to eliminate stubborn and greasy dirt throughout your entire vehicle. Clean your interior or your engine bay!

    24 oz.

  • Glass Cleaner

    Car Planet's Glass Cleaner was designedto clean your glass effectively without leaving any unwanted streaks. Nanotechnology enables the reduction of dirt and dust build-up.

    24 oz.

  • Bug-N-Tar Remover

    Car Planet’s Bug and Tar Remover was engineered to remove bugs and tar from your car’s surface. It breaks down the tar and bug molecules to be cleaned away without damaging your car’s finish.

    24 oz.

  • Carpet Cleaner

    Car Planet’s Carpet Cleaner was designed to eliminate tough dirt and stains in your carpet or upholstery, breaking down oils, grease and dirt and suspending them to be easily cleaned away.

    24 oz.

  • Tire Shine

    Car Planet's Tire Shine was engineered to give your tires the longest lasting deepest shine possible. Our Tire Shine even repels dirt, leaving your tires shining far longer than our competitors.

    24 oz.

  • Wheel Cleaner

    Car Planet's Wheel Cleaner attaches itself to every particle of brake dust and road dirt to leave your wheels sparkling clean. Safe for both OEM or aftermarket wheels.

    24 oz.

  • Car Wash

    Car Planet's Car Wash was designed to effectively remove dirt while enhancing the paints shine and ability to repel water. Every great detail must start with a great deep-cleaning wash.

    32 oz.

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Green Car Care Without Compromise

For years people have been detailing cars and ingesting noxious chemicals, all while adding pollutants to our environment. Car Planet has dedicated its mission to being on the forefront in performance, eco-friendly car care. Our line of products were developed to provide both consumers and retailers with environmently safe solutions to quality detailing.

Our products have already become widely praised, winning a SEMA Global Media Award for best new product as well as selling to interested consumers around the globe. We have worked hard to develop the best detailing products on the market, while focusing on the mission to provide eco-friendly solutions to every day life. Click through our website to discover more about our products, brand efforts and contact us with any inquiries.